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Vicente's music combines several musical styles; Including bachata, reggae, soul, funk, Caribbean and Caribbean rhythms, bolero and folk expressions of his country. At the same time African music has been a great reference in his work.

In his lyrics evokes landscapes and images of the Caribbean to tell everyday stories of love and unloving. It is characterized to incorporate popular expressions of Dominican Republic in its compositions.

- A LA MAR (2016)

In August of 2015, to 4 years of "Melodrama", began the process of recording his second solo album with Eduardo Cabra "Visitor" of Calle 13 who, along with Vicente, assumes the role of producer. In the process, Manage to get closer to the Antillean music from a more popular point of view with Caribbean and Afroantillan rhythms. The participation of Eduardo achieved that the ideas and references folkloric that proposed Vicente reached a current sound aesthetics.
The album is characterized by a fusion and variety of musical genres ranging from Bachata to Reggae, Pri-prí, Gagá, Villa Mella Congos, popular Dominican songs and Folk.
About 24 musicians participated in the recording from Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Colombia. A collaboration of the San Jacinto Gaiteros in the theme "Espuma and Arrecife" and the participation of a group of Salve de Mata los Indio, Villa Mella in "Zafra Negra", a song that closes the album. In this new stage is interested in the sound of the popular bachata and for this invites the renowned Dominican guitarist Mártires de León recording the songs "Mal De Amore" and "Bachata in Kingston", the latter, a fusion of the Jamaican dub with The characteristic touch of the dominican bachatera guitar.
The content of the lyrics of "A La Mar" proposes a new turn in the way of composing. Again, he uses new resources to tell stories from another point of view, approaches love with a popular language and raises social issues.

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